It takes 7-10 days to heal after a treatment.

The day after the treatment, the eyebrows will appear darker than the first day.

This is normal because the skin naturally rejects some of the pigment. On the third day, pigment crusts will form which will later fall off. It is very important not to remove these crusts prematurely. 

Please allow these to fall off by themselves.

On days 1, 2, and 3, it is very important not to wet the eybrows. Go around them when putting on makeup or cleaning your face. Starting on day 4 start applying pure 100% vitamin E morning and evening. This will hydrate your eyebrows and reduce any irritation or discomfort. After day 6, you can allow your eyebrows to heal naturally without applying any other products. You can even get them wet at this point, though you must be careful not to scrub them.  

The colour can fade up to 60%.

The touchup scheduled 4-6 weeks later will make further adjustments.

It is important to understand that microblading is a two-step treatment. The retouch is crucial to complete the process. After healing you will see the final result.

For a period of 10 days:

*No sun tanning, or sun tanning beds.

*No perspiration at the gym.

*No sauna.

*No eyebrow makeup.

*No anti-aging cream on the eyebrows.

*Do not scratch off the crusts.

*Do not wet the eyebrows for 3 days.

*To guard against fading and ensure your microblading lasts about a year, remember to apply sunscreen after the healing period if you spend time in the sun.